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About Us and Board of Directors

The Harrisburg Opera Association was incorporated in 1971, as the "Harrisburg Civic Opera", which name was amended in 1995. In actuality, the organization dates back to the late 1920's, with an interruption of some 15 years through World War II to the late 1950's. In 1993 the organization successfully moved from amateur to professional.

Since its early beginnings, HOA mounted more than 50 major productions for opera enthusiasts from Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Through the years when opera was considered "art for the elite", Harrisburg Opera not only survived, but also thrived by nurturing local talent and providing a multitude of volunteers with production and stage experience.

As HOA continued to grow, the productions become larger, more elaborate and more professional with a steadily increasing budget all with the goal of attracting major talents, assisting emerging young singers on their way to major careers and featuring local performers in the Opera's productions.

Board of Directors and Artistic Personnel

Lee C. Swartz - President & Treasurer
Frances H. Swartz - Past President
Christyan Seay - Vice President
Nicholas Spock, Jr. - Secretary
Jayne Buchwach - Board Member
Tami Swartz - Executive Director and Artistic Director

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